Does having kids restrict you from taking travel plans often? Does travelling with your lil ones give you jitters??

Well the answer is no different; yes they do and especially while traveling with the newborns. As parents your concern about your kids often ravel your mind and their well being becomes the top priority. But does that really mean that traveling is a hazard and should not be taken in real course with kids around. Of course not, we propose little planning in consideration to let travel freely and often with a family.

Backpack– Less is more. We understand kids require lots of stuff to be carried along while travelling. But the luggage burden falls upon parents. You might need to hold your kids along with your luggage while boarding, while getting out of taxis or buses or in transition. So plan your luggage so you can take appropriate clothes as per the weather conditions of your destination and not more. Don’t plan destinations with extreme weather.

Flights– Try covering shorter distance if the travel is new for your little one. A flight of about 2-3 hrs should be appropriate considering your baby is travelling for the first time. I recommend boarding the flight in the last queue to avoid all the hustle bustle of passengers juggling to get seated and suitcases lodging. Kids really get rampant about all the paraphernalia of chaos created during boarding and all you hear is their roaring hues of cry. Help your kids by feeding them with milk or water to break the takeoff and landing anxiety and to ease any ear pain that prevails during transition. Understand children usually cry for a reason; if they are hungry, they need attention or are in pain. Do carry your kid’s favorite food in flight and some entertainment stuff; maybe their favorite toy or colors to keep them busy during flights. Have patience, even if they cry, calm them, they are kids after all, it’s obvious in nature, understand their fretfulness.

Accommodation– Prefer apartments over hotels. Hotels have pleasures, but apartments have ease. You get 2-3 rooms per apartment, where you and your kids are sorted with enough space. You get a fully furnished kitchen, so cooking for kids is a blessing especially when they are food sensitive and require proper home meal in regular intervals. And another wonder is good laundry service handily available in your apartment. This also helps to pack less for kids, hence easing your luggage burden.

Sightseeing– Plan, plan and well plan. Plan your itinerary in such a manner so that you can give enough time to your kids to get back to their dwellings for rest. Plan to go out for 2-3 hours and then get back to restart again. Continuous exploration at a stretch makes them tired and their exhaustion will take a toll on you. Kids get bored easily, so make sure to visit places that are of their interest. Maybe zoos, amusement parks or even nature places.

Localtransportation– You may take metros, buses or even taxis. But avoid getting into too much public chaos. Kids get suffocated in populated areas but enjoy the little space they get to play.

Traveling with kids is altogether a different experience. They let the kid in us come out and make us enjoy the little joys of life. While planning holidays with kids, don’t rush to cover too much, just sit back, relax and enjoy wherever you are and whatever little you can cover. Avoid too many flight connections. Rather take the road wherever possible, even train journeys are fun. But just don’t rush for check-ins.

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