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Japan; the land of rising sun is an island city on the eastern coast of the Asian mainland. Japan has won the hearts of many intricate travelers. Its beauty is timeless;

Japan;the land of rising sun is an island city on the eastern coast of the Asian mainland. Japan has won the hearts of many intricate travelers. Its beauty is timeless; it has the perfect blend of culture and modernity deeply rooted in the country’s aura. The perfection, etiquettes and the disciplined way of living in Japanese is unmatchable. The country has proven them in brilliance and has also culturally curates the attention of many towards their divine civilization. It’s a must visit place if you truly wants to understand the way of disciplined living.

Japan is perfect in every aspect, be it fashion, food, hospitality, architecture, travel etc. Let’s explore specifically what all Japan tours has in store from tourism perspective.

Tokyo– The capital and the financial capital of the country is Tokyo. It is the busiest city of Japan. From big corporate towers, grand hotels, nightlife and most popular shrines, this city has left no stones unturned to satisfy your travel palette. The highlights of Tokyo tours include a visit to

1.Imperial palace plaza– the place of the emperor’s resident. Albeit, the access for visit is only limited to the palace alluring gardens and beautiful landscaping.

2. Enjoying the city’s skyscraping view from theTokyo towers. At a height of 333mts it is the second biggest tower in Japan, the first one being theTokyo sky treeat a height of 634 mts which gained the status of being the tallest in 2011. Known to be the broadcasting and communication towers of Tokyo, they witness many tourists for the praiseworthy structural design. These are a must visit in a Japan tour itinerary.

3. Asakusa temple– It is an extremely popular Buddhist temple. The detailed architecture is note worthy. It also has a short street to shop for good Japan souvenirs’.

4. Ginza– the city’s most vivacious cover of luxury, it is quite popular for shopping brands, fine-dine restaurants, art galleries, departmental stores, night life and amazing cafes.

5. Mt. Fuji– It is an active volcano in southwest of the Tokyo province. This is an extremely popular destination well known for its grand view and hiking. Many travelers plan well in advance to hike the sacred mountain, but for those who prefer not to can please themselves with the splendid view fromLake Kawaguchior from theresort town Hakone. The crater lake; Lake Ashi/lakehakonealso offers many boat and ferry rides to enjoy the spectacular view of the mountain. Mt. Fuji can be reached by train from Tokyo and then guided bus tours can be further taken.

6. Disneyland– Tokyo’s Disneyland is not to be given a miss too. It is known to host many special events for kids and adults ofcourse with the midas touch of the Disney world.

Kyoto; the cultural capital of Japan. Quite away from the hustle bustle of a city this place gives you a taste of Japan’s tradition. I call it a mesmerizing world of Japan’s nature valley and great art. It is a city of many shrines and great Buddhist temples. The most famous among them areKinkaku-jitemple also known as the golden pavilion is a zen Buddhist temple. The great gold leaf coated architecture of the building amidst the lake witnesses many tourists. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove- for a nature walk amidst bamboo trees, Nanzen-ji temple, Todai-ji temple, Tofiku-ji temple, Hiean shrines, Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine etc. are also quite popular places in Kyoto among tourists. What is best in Kyoto is its nature belts, the abundance of God’s precious gift is present in each facet of the city. It has amazing places to eat and dine and has great shopping malls. A day visit can be well planned to the famous site of Hiroshima from Kyoto and back via shinkansen- the fastest train in the world. TheShinkansenexperience is another glory of Japan.

Osaka– Osaka is a beautiful and enthralling port city and commercial centre of Japan. Well known for its architecture, food and shopping district, this place gives travelers another reason to rejoice the Japanese hospitality. Osaka’s famous tourist spots hasOsaka castle, universal studio Japan,Osaka Aquarium, Namba shopping district.

Japan has a rich blend of culture and modernity. The nature landscaping can leave one spell bound with its prefecture. Japan is year round destination, butcherry blossomseason is a must visit from March- June. The traditionalchai ceremoniesto the best hospitality, Japan is surely a must visit destination.

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